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About us

Almost twenty years ago, Pastors Randy & Mary felt the calling to start a church that was unlike any other. Through much Prayer and Research with the Lord, counseling with Mentor Ministers across the Nation, and time in The Word, Bible Fellowship was born. BFC has become home to a variety of people from various backgrounds in music, ministry, and business. But they all share a common goal to reach others with the Love of Jesus!

With a rich history in Bluegrass, Country, and Gospel Music, BFC has fostered a love for Praise and Worship that includes Guitars, Banjos, Drums, Piano, and a whole host of instruments that blend together to create the unique BFC sound. When you experience this eclectic mix raising praise to the Lord, you will feel that God is welcome and so are you!

Our Teaching Style is simple - The Bible. We believe in messages and teachings that help you grow closer to God and enhance your walk with Jesus through the use of the entire Bible. God said it, that settles it!

our pastors:
Randy Byrd

Senior Pastor
Pastor Randy is a mega talented

man who loves God and uses his

talents in music and speaking to touch hearts each service.
Pastor will make you smile with his love for humor while he brings forth the Word in simple and easy to understand teachings.

Randy plays Guitar, Bass, Violin, Banjo, Mandolin, Piano, Dobro, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, and several others.

Over the years he has performed for and worked with Doyle Dykes, Loretta Lynn, Mel MacDaniel, Marty Stuart, Roger Miller; and that's just scratching the surface!

Pastor Mary 2021_edited.jpg
Mary Byrd

Co-Pastor & Head of Pastoral Care

Through the years, Mary has faced challenges galore that have showed her God's strength, and the blessings of waiting on Him with patience. 


I am sure she would tell you that the three children and 13 grandchildren God blessed her and Randy with are

a huge part of that training!


Pastor Mary specializes in Family Counseling and an Extensive Healing and Prayer Ministry, as well as keeping Pastor Randy and the BFC Office and volunteers straight.


At BFC, The people always know 

Pastor Mary is there with love and encouragement to help each person

and family on The Knoll.

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